Monday, July 30, 2007

Coffee anyone!!

Its amazing how many coffee houses have sprung up in Pakistan over the last couple of years - and when we talk about world-wide statistics, the number keeps growing. Fact is that coffee houses are the buzz word of today and will be around for a long time to come. Unlike previous trends which turned Zamzama DHA into a graveyard of restaurants, coffee houses and cafes if managed well, have identified a specific segment of people who have been craving for their 'ideal abode' since eons. They are the X factor people who dine in style but are cool laptop savvy people, plugging into their wifi while sipping coffee and munching on a light sandwich.

Coffee houses are most relaxing where you can break the rules, sit with your legs on the couch, smoke a cigar or sheesha, read the paper and laugh out loud with your friends and colleagues and occasionally flirt around with the gorgeous female Guest Relations Manager who usually all-smiles for everyone.

My personal hats off to two particular Cafes namely, Indulge and The Second Floor. They have actually broken away from the conventional Franchising paradigms and started with their own identity. I'm pretty sure that with time and consistent re-innovation, they will climb the ladder of International fame and fortune.

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