Saturday, September 8, 2007

cartoons not for kids!!

Children have become much more interested in cartoons over many years and it has become a primary action to some lives. Typically, children begin watching cartoons on television at an early age of six months, and by the age two or three children become enthusiastic viewers. This has become a problem because too many children are watching too much television and the shows that they are watching (even if they are cartoons) have become violent and addictive. The marketing of cartoons has become overpowering in the United States and so has the subliminal messaging. The marketing is targeted toward the children to cause them to want to view the cartoons on a regular basis, but the subliminal messaging is for the adults’ to target them into enjoying the “cartoons”. This is unfortunate because children watch the cartoons on the television and they see material that is not appropriate for their age group. The Children who watch too much cartoons on
television are more likely to have mental and emotional problems, along with brain and eye injuries and unexpectedly the risk of a physical problem increases.

Mental and Psychological Effects on Children who Watch Cartoons From the time children start school to the time that they graduate they are averaged to spend around 13,000 hours in school. This may seem like an awful lot of hours to attend
school unless it is compared to the hours a child watches television, which is nearly 18,000 hours (from the time school is started to the time of graduation). This comparison is an outrage because of the amount of television that is watched by a child will have an effect on their brain, emotions and their sense to feel pain. In a 2000 report on adolescent violence, the U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher stated that more aggressive behavior in

a young child’s life is caused by frequently watched entertainment that incorporates violence in it. This has become a public health issue and because of the research findings; the American Psychological Association passed a resolution in February of 1985,informing broadcasters and the public about the dangers violence on the television has on children. Three major effects have been proven by psychological research caused by children seeing violence on television are that the child may become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others; children who watch violence do not fear violence nor are they bothered by violence in general and the children are more likely to become aggressive or use harmful actions towards others. When we are born we have the capacity
for motivation, experience, and training, and because of this our minds are very impressionable. Therefore, our brains’ development is a dynamic mix of nature and nurture, so it is important to choose a healthy environment for all children. This means cartoons with violence will be unhealthy for a child because in general, being interactive with any environment enhances the development of a successful brain. As a result, a
tremendous amount of childhood involvement with electronic media can limit social interaction and may obstruct the development of a brain’s social systems.


khushalkhan said...

Cartoons believe me are for Kids, yeah kids and People above 60.;)

And am advising again:) You should switch to wordpress sooner ... its never too late you know and its always good to make a better switch... as far as your readers are concerned they can always get back to you if you make a post that you switched to other platform for blogging and am sure they'll catch up with you there!!!

dehog said...

It's not only the cartoons, almost all the media available, has a different rating, while a lot of cartoon are an offering or treat for kids, some of them have been classified for folks above the legal maturity age only which is 18 or 21 depending on the laws of the country.

As Khushal said, I 'd agree hop on to's much better !

and btw, you got mail !


CM-Chap said...

True.. Cartoons no worse than seducer which cuts off the kids socializing totally.

Nicely written...

Reza said...

Id say Cartoons are for kids but I grew up on Tom and Jerry and having Jerry beat Tom up in odd assortment of ways didn't make me a mad man or a sociopath. I also played computer games and video games for most of my life and I still do> Yet I have a healthy social life with friends. It depends really, on how you limit these things. It is not Cartoons that are to blame, it is the parents. Like popular saying goes, Guns don't kill people, People do.

Btw I came across your blog by chance. I will add you to my blogroll, Hope you don't mind that. See you around and hop on down to my blog and add me if you find it to your liking.

Fe Aman Allah.

Sidhusaaheb said...

Cartoons are addictive. That's for sure!

I still love watching Tom and Jerry, besides The Popeye Show and The Looney Tunes Show (and I am 32 years old!).


dehog said...

ah I see, I already sent the links to your email a day or two ago !
I m happy atleast these stats were made public so people could take action !

God Bless our nation !


.:*FairyDust*:. said...

I agree with you Malaika! Some cartoons are just not meant for don't know that.

uXuf said...

Okay so there ARE cartoons that are meant for kids and they're usually *much* better than those not meant for kids. And as for the adults, the comic strips in the newspapers should be their primary fodder for cartoon-mania.

Said that, I still watch an odd assortment of cartoons, and like Reza, I still have a healthy social network.

PS: Why does it always seem that you're posting school reports? :p

mania said...

I love watching cartoons from my childhood days and I still now watch cartoons with my nieces.
children learns very fast by watching visual activities like cartoons but yes they should watch tv from adjustable distance.