Monday, August 27, 2007

love at first bite!

guys anyone of you seen CANTEEN KAHANI? its on ARY digital...every Monday 10 pm
its really nice! i don't watch Pakistani dramas but this one is great! the best part about it is that its VERY close to our real college lives and not like those typical Pakistani melo dramas :P hehe and i liked the character of sarmad(shehroze sabzwari) and jasim(danish taimoor)...they played their roles very well!
Its a funny love story that takes place in a college. if you guys haven't watched it trust me your missing on it! check this out and you'll know what im talking about!


oomi said...

yupps i've seen it and u've discribed it very well.

Opee said...

Oh nice. I could find some clips online on their website. I didn't know about this program.

Sarmad is Behroz Sabazwari's son. Quite a talented young fellow. Just need a lill polishing!

Goodluck for the Canteen Kahani Team.

.. and Thanks for sharing :)

Absar said...

Oooooooo! Just one day too late :)

Thanks for dropping by!

oomi said...

did u found it intrusting dear?

Sidhusaaheb said...

Sounds good!

I've never been too much into watching soaps though...These are so painfully slow that often one can tell the story, merely by watchig the promos!

In any case, the channel in question isn't available here.


khushalkhan said...

i've not seen it yet, but i like to watch such dramas!!! sadly i won't be watching tv much since i'll be back to School in 3 days time!!! :(

maliha11 said...

i think that its really cool ..
i watched the show its amazing ..
and very true this how college life is!!
i like Hira better than the other two jokers :P lols

Tee said...

I wish it was subtitled. It's kinda cool. What channels is it on? I get a few international ones.

Raza Rumi said...

I have only seen the clips and this looks like a slick production..
Alas I don't have access ARY channels other than the news corner..

.:*FairyDust*:. said...

hey thanks for visiting my attention deprived (by me) blog. :)
Yours is good too!! hey, i miss karachi yaar! you are so lucky you get to live there. I always go to karachi every summer but this summer i had to take summer classes. hows it doing, my karachi that is? :)