Saturday, August 4, 2007

sudden in flux of tricky technology

The sudden in flux of modern technology has allowed us to do what ever we want in a very short span of time. It is unbelievable how the chores which used to take two to three days to finish, are now completed within a day. It has enabled us to use that free time by adding more chores and tasks to our daily schedule.
Now humans completely depend upon machines to do their office work and house work. although it has its benefits, flaws come in the package. we are left stressed out and lethargic by the end of our working day. different sorts of illnesses are beginning to surround us, as our body is not getting the physical movement it requires. apart from our body, the entertainment devices are having a negative effect on our ears, eyes and brain. television sets, mobile phones and other such electronic devices which have become a part of our daily gadgets are made up of microwaves which alter activity of the living cells in our brain.
Even more dangerous is the impact on our environment, an increase in pollution, greenhouse effect and global warming. we are using technology to grow crops by overusing the soil, which may lead to no production of crops at all, in the coming years. We are highly indulged and overwhelmed by the sudden in flux of modern technology and satellite that we are overlooking the threats posed on us by them, thus turning us into totally different creatures.

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