Friday, August 3, 2007

The mystery of the cone

Over the past years, ice cream has become a part of our diets globally. it is consumed by people all over the world, irrespective of their age. the most popular way of consuming this sweet, creamy delight is in the form of an ice cream cone.
the idea of cones originated in Europe where ice creams were served in paper or metal cones.

The history of ice cream gives way to a lot of controversy as several inventors are credited for this unique and popular invention. it began at the St. Louis world's fair also known as the St louis exposition in 1904,where the crispy vanlia flavoured cone was introduced to the public, giving rise to the controversy of the real inventor of cone.
At the fair, on July 23rd Arnold Fomachou, an ice cream seller, ran short of clean serving bowls. Ernest M.Hamwi who was running a waffel stall next to him offered to make cones by rolling his "zalabia pastries".
At another stall, waffels were being rolled up into "cornucopia" shape and were being filled with scoops of ice cream.

There is a great possibility that several people who invented the cone simultaniously, as there were approximitly 50 stalls of ice cream and waffels at the fair. nevertheless, the cone became an instant hit, and poeple just chose to move on with this invention, without looking back.

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